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Can Energy Healing Ever Make You NOT Feel Good?

I was recently having coffee with my friend who asked me if I thought energy healing, or Reiki, could be the reason she was feel so UNbalanced…she had been seeing someone else for weekly sessions, and she was feeling worse instead of better.

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Swimming the Highs, Surfing the Lows

One minute you’re feeling content, happy maybe even, and the next you feel this wash of sadness - and then things shift again, you can’t pinpoint why exactly, but you find yourself back in that place of contentment. And so on and back and forth and you aren’t sure if you’re losing control of yourself or you’re under the mercy of some unseen psychic forces.

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Christianity and Reiki

Dear God, are You mad at me? No, not mad because horrible things are happening. Right now, I feel totally blessed with everything in my life. But, as life moves up and down, yes, I have asked this question more than once. :)  (I'm human.)

As I tell my story, let me start off by saying that Reiki is NOT a religious practice. It is not based on any religion at all. And yet, I couldn't help but wonder  how does it all fit in with my own beliefs?

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Stop Judging. Start Loving.

Do you practice the constant state of judging yourself? And, has anyone ever said to you, "Oh, you shouldn't feel that way!" Or maybe, "That's a terrible thought!"? I'm not talking about anything catastrophic here, I'm talking about everyday kinds of thoughts and feelings.

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Let's Look at Common Causes of Stress

Stress has become a factor in our culture in the last 20 years partly because of the very things that were originally designed to make life less stressful. Conveniences such as ATM machines, microwave ovens, computers, cell phones, and fax machines have made life easier in many ways, but they also have woven an expectation of instant gratification into our culture. This can cause a constant flow of stress for some.

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