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Does this sound like you?

The days seem to be getting harder to manage.

You’re at home or work, everything seems to be well, and then it happens….you’re struck seemingly out of nowhere and suddenly filled with anxiety or dread (sometimes, both). Sometimes, you just wake up this way, starting the day feeling anxious and you didn’t even put your feet on the floor yet. You’re trying your hardest to squash it. But, the more you try, the worse everything just seems to get. It isn’t the first time it’s happened. And just to make it worse, you lie in bed at night wondering what’s wrong with you, or you can’t fall asleep no matter how hard you try. You just can’t stop thinking. You feel like you’re going crazy, you’re heart may be pounding, and you’re so tired of it.

Life keeps demanding more of you, yet you can barely find any quiet or comfort within your own skin. Your mind is racing, heart pounding, you may actually get sick to your stomach and just to make it worse, you feel ashamed and exhausted. You don’t understand why you can’t handle it, where it’s even coming from, and just want it to go away! You’ve hit a wall, and you feel weak reaching out for help. You’ve tackled other problems, dealt with the other stuff life has thrown out you, why is this so hard?

Here’s the thing: you aren’t “crazy”. We get it, and we can help you break free from this loop…

Imagine waking up to actually feel excited that it’s a new day or maybe just at peace. Peace would feel great compared to how you feel now. You go through your days again feeling a certain lightness, fresh, and not weighed down by anxiety, sadness, and fear. You aren’t worried if another spike of anxiety or the draining energy of sadness will come again. Because it isn’t there. But should it come, you can handle it.

Confident, capable and focused - you can’t even imagine what that feels like right now. Can you imagine having that anxious feeling or dread being gone? Or, feeling relaxed, hopeful and feeling the strength that you can handle anything? Or, being able to sleep peacefully? Can you imagine life feeling fun again?

Here’s the thing - you don’t have to imagine it. Our counseling services can help you.

We’ve helped so many people just like you have these days again. Days filled with happiness, hope, excitement and optimism.

With over 20 years of experience, our expertise,certifications & integrative approach to counseling have helped many of our clients make truly lasting changes.

Let us help you make the difference you need.

Just click on the button to reach out now and let’s get started.

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