Motivation Within

Have you been wanting to try counseling but just couldn't find the motivation?

Or, have you tried counseling and expected everything to get magically better in a session? Have you looked everywhere for a "fix" but couldn't find one? Sometimes, the answer lies within yourself. Sometimes, not always, we have to look deep within and make the change. Feelings don't necessarily launch actions. But actions can almost always impact feelings. Sometimes, we get this backwards.

It's a vicious cycle. There are days when it is hard to find inspiration within yourself.  In fact, it feels like it is almost impossible to find inspiration at all! I have had those days I just feel,  MEH. I can't seem to get moving, get going, let alone create a single thing. So, like many of us, I sit there. Waiting for some great "something" to happen. Waiting to feel motivated. Waiting to feel inspired. Waiting to feel....anything to get me moving. WAITING.....

We often get so caught up in our daily lives we forget. We forget to connect with the very things we hold within ourselves that inspire us. What we love about ourselves. What we can really relate to that we hold in our thoughts. We forget that inspiration does not magically appear. Inspiration within ourselves is always there. It is always willing to come out and play....but only if we let it.