Anxiety: Taming the Terror

Anxiety in, and of itself, by its very nature creates more anxiety. One brief anxious moment can easily slip into another...and another...until you are experiencing a full-blown panic attack. Fear begets fear. It can be a vicious, uncomfortable cycle that you just can't seem to get away from, but the good news is, you can.

So, how can that happen? Well, there are quite a few ways, and unfortunately , not one way works for everyone. I wish that was so! Can you imagine having one simple answer we all can use?

On the other hand, the tools you can learn in counseling, can help find the relief you need and want.

The key to this work is finding a way to meet fear with acceptance, You may have heard a lot about this and have wondered, "If I could do that, I would! It's not that easy! And why and how can I ever accept this pain?" That's the thing - you don't have to accept the pain. That's not what acceptance is all about.

Let me put it this way: Do you worry if you feel happy? Do you get concerned and focused and obsess when you feel joy? My guess is, probably not. But when we feel fear, it is hard-wired into our brains to react - do something - get away from the potential pain. The problem is when we allow ourselves to react that way, we create more fear.

So, what do we do?

We can learn ways, all of us can, to tell the difference between real danger and perceived danger. Real danger being the fact we're standing in front of a moving car and perceived danger being the thought we MAY get hit by a car, someday, we don't know when, but it may happen...someday, maybe. Maybe not. You can see how that thought though can carry us away into a cycle of fear.

In counseling, we provide actual real-life, concrete skills you can practice and use to help quite that fear, to recognize more easily perceived fear and how to transform it.

Yes, we use traditional talk therapy, but we can infuse it with actual skills. How many times have you thought to yourself, "Yes, but what do I DO about it?" The fact is, there are many things you can do about it.

Therapy and talking is important to learn where the fear and anxiety are coming from, so we can treat the root cause. But that doesn't mean suffering. At the same time, you can learn real acceptance, real tools, to help end the suffering while we figure it all out.

Isn't it time to try counseling? Therapy can bring the relief you need so you don't need to suffer. we have specialized training in several therapeutic techniques that have proven to be highly effective. Please reach out to us today so we can tell you more.

Wishing you peace always, Beth