Life Coaching with Beth


Gain clarity.

Live a life with joyful purpose.

Rediscover your authentic self.

As your Life Coach, I help you move out of a life filled with all the things you feel you “should” be doing and into a life you actually want.

Maybe you feel side-tracked from your dreams by all the things you feel you “should” do instead of what you want to do?

Have you lost sight of the things that bring you joy, purpose and true fulfillment?

Do you even know what those are anymore?

Or, maybe you just need a fresh perspective to help you re-focus on your life’s purpose?

Our work together will focus on bringing in more ease to your life through clarity, consistent inspired action and loving intuition.

As your Life Coach, I’m here to assist you in gaining clarity, focus, and help you find ways to weave into your life: purposeful ease - the things that speak to your heart.

You can sign-up for a Lighten Up Your Life 90-minute phone or Skype session if you want to:—

  • develop a strategy for specific personal goals

  • you want some guidance and a fresh perspective

  • brainstorm ideas

  • find ways to spend your energy & time

  • get unstuck from the same old daily cycle

  • learn steps you can take towards heartfelt freedom

Some areas we can explore can focus on Authentic Living, Building a Support System, List Building of Inspired Actions, Options that Feed your Heart, Identifying Your Personal Goals, Gain Clarity around you Career, What Your Ideal Life Really Looks Like, among a host of others….or, we can explore your own topics. This is a time solely dedicated to you!

How you can benefit from a Lighten Up Your Life session:

  • find relief, clarity and momentum

  • receive dedicated attention to your personal wants & needs

  • develop an action plan after our session, emailed directly to you, to put into action the steps we talk about to help you stay on track

  • worksheets, templates, and audio recordings to help support you

Investment to Lighten Up Your Life is $275 for one 90-minute phone or Skype session. (You are also welcome to come into the office if you prefer!)

If you are looking for something more than just a one-shot call to help support you more as you progress, you can also sign up for Carry It Forward program:

4 sessions over two months: $999

8 Sessions over four months: $1,799

What you receive from the Carry It Forward program:

  • relief, clarity and momentum

  • dedicated attention to solving your personal needs

  • an action plan after our session, emailed directly to you to get into the steps we talk about to help you stay on track

  • worksheets, templates, and audio recordings to help support you


  • a custom, individualized strategic plan to meeting your goals with timelines and tips

  • to turn your bigger vision into action-oriented steps

  • an accountability partner to help you stay on track and moving forward

  • a sounding board

  • free weekly email support as you need it

Still not sure?

Before we begin our work together, I’m sure you may want to make sure we are a good fit. So, I do offer a FREE 20-minute “Let’s Talk” call prior to working together.

  • Please note: Life coaching is not the same as therapy and is not provided under the clinical license of Beth Kane. If you are having anxiety, depression or other clinical issues, coaching is something that can be done after you have completed addressing those issues with a qualified, licensed professional. These issues are not part of the work that is done through Life Coaching.