Do you Second-Guess Yourself?

Are You Listening To Yourself?

Counseling can help us hear ourselves, learn to trust ourselves and pay attention to the most important!

You know that little voice inside your head? Or that feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach? Or maybe the feeling in your chest that comes at certain times? Well, are you listening?

In the rush of life, as we run from one thing to the next, we often disregard those feelings, or that little voice, because either we just don't have the time, or the patience, or the belief that it is of any importance. Our mind chatters so much with what we have to do, where we need to be, answering the latest text message or taking the next call that we don't STOP! we don't STOP to listen to that little voice, we don't STOP to pay any heed to that gut feeling, we don't STOP to ask what that sinking feeling is in our hearts. And you know, we don't STOP to give attention to the most important person on this planet....OURSELVES. (By the way, I am not talking about physical medical conditions...for that, you should see a licensed medical professional.)

Most of us don't listen. Or if we do, we don't nearly enough. To top it off, when we do, we don't TRUST it. We don't trust OUR VERY SELVES. And this is where counseling can not only take the time and build the awareness, but we can learn to trust ourselves on a much deeper level.

Are you listening?

The vast majority of the time we are just doing. Not thinking. Not choosing. Not present. Just doing. Busy. The only problem is busy never ends. I know I get caught up in it. I don't always listen either. But, I am learning.

So, how do we learn to listen? Well, it takes practice. That's why we say, we "practice" meditation. Or, we "practice" holistic healing. Or, we "practice" learning how to ride a bike or drive a car. Some of the things we can do to be better listeners can be accomplished in some pretty simple steps. We can bring our conscious awareness into what we are doing to start. Just remind ourselves it is time to pay attention. We can then take a few seconds even to think about how we are feeling. Does something not feel right? And, if it doesn't feel right, why could it not feel right? On the other hand, if it feels right, why aren't we doing it?

Counseling can open the windows to the answers to these and many other questions. Is it time you start listening to yourself and come in and learn how to trust yourself as your own guide?