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Counseling Tip: Changing How You Feel Can Be One Thought Away

Does your mind ever run in a circle, and leave you feeling like a hamster running on a wheel? Or, maybe you’re suddenly feeling kind of down, and you don’t really even understand why? Our thoughts are very powerful drivers of our feelings.

In our counseling sessions, part of the work we do together as looking directly at your current thoughts. Many times how we feel has nothing to do with the past, and we don’t necessarily need to even look at it.

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If I think the worst, I’ll be ready. Won’t I?

Now we’ve filled up this one moment when we could be peaceful, and instead, filled it up with anxiety and worry. It really doesn’t get us very far.

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When life is overwhelming, don’t let your thoughts lead you spiraling.

Mindfulness is just one technique we teach our counseling clients.

And sometimes, it comes down to not looking ahead any further than your current breath.

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Should You Leave Your Relationship?

In our counseling practice, the vast majority of work we do is with individuals. Many times, people will come to see us seeking clarity on a current relationship or learn how to stop repeating patterns they've noticed in their past relationships. Frequently, clients seek assistance with whether or not to stay in a current relationship which is our focus here today. Relationships are complex, and each of these areas require their own exploration. 

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