When life is overwhelming, don’t let your thoughts lead you spiraling.

Mindfulness is just one technique we teach our counseling clients.

And sometimes, it comes down to not looking ahead any further than your current breath.

But you can also challenge your thoughts. Let’s take a closer look at reality.


Sometimes life can feel completely overwhelming. It throws things at us one thing after another, and even multiple things all at one time.

When we feel like we can’t keep up, we feel like we failed. Feeling like we failed just adds fuel to the thought of not being good enough…which by the way, we all carry.

No one, I don’t care who they are, can do multiple stressful things well all the time. No one.

It may look like it, it may feel like it, but that’s the illusion in our mind that somehow we are less than…

Our thoughts, especially the persistent, annoying, depressing, I’m not good enough - look how I keep failing or faltering” can all be changed into something more inspiring and helpful. And it isn’t as hard as you may think. Counseling can help when we focus on specific skills.

If you need help with this, reach out to me for more information about my integrative holistic counseling. It’s just one of the many topics we cover.

In peace,