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Bored, Unmotivated & Uninspired: Simple activities to do when you need a shift

Have you ever been invited to a party, and you were really looking forward to it?

Then the day comes of the party, and suddenly you don’t feel like going?

But, because you’re thoughtful and awesome (and you feel guilty), you don’t want to disappoint anyone, you end up going?

And end at the end, you found out you had a great time! Know what I mean?

It’s so hard to get moving sometimes isn’t it?

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If I think the worst, I’ll be ready. Won’t I?

Now we’ve filled up this one moment when we could be peaceful, and instead, filled it up with anxiety and worry. It really doesn’t get us very far.

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When life is overwhelming, don’t let your thoughts lead you spiraling.

Mindfulness is just one technique we teach our counseling clients.

And sometimes, it comes down to not looking ahead any further than your current breath.

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Coping with that "Empty" feeling.

The weekends go by waaay too fast, or if you’re off during the week, I’m sure those days do too. 😎 We usually spend those days doing things we love, filling ourselves with good stuff like sleeping in late, catching a movie, going out to eat, maybe some “me” time. So we feel better...because we’ve nourished ourselves.

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