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Reaching Out to Help Heal Inner Child

In counseling, we tend to do some work at least that dives into our past experiences. For each experience we've ever had is a step ladder to who we are now. We tend to carry with us not only the good, but also the things that hurt or upset us. Not all of these feelings just magically get healed. Sometimes, we need to spend a little bit of time working through them so we can heal and release them. Counseling takes this on a much deeper, more profound level.

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Healing Your Inner Child

There is a lot of talk lately about healing your inner child. It's usually followed by the question, "HOW do you heal your inner child?" This is a subject that a lot of people ask about in counseling. Some wanting to use their counseling experience to venture back in time and others, not so much.

Aside from counseling, there are ways you can help yourself heal your inner child.

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