Sand Tray Therapy


Many of our clients have a hard time in expressing their thoughts and feelings  through traditional talk therapy.
Sand Tray Therapy is an invaluable tool to help promote healing  in both adults and children.

Sand Tray Therapy is offered exclusively by Beth.


What Is It?


Sand Tray Therapy is a type of "play-oriented" counseling for both adults and children that is specifically performed with the aid of a sand tray and various figures. The  figures are arranged in a specific way to reflect how the child or adult may be feeling and give him or her an opportunity to move the figures and alter the sand to assist in the  processing of exploring his or her thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of life and other people. The ability to create and alter different scenes and worlds in a malleable medium such as sand is one of the benefits of sand tray therapy.


While Sand Tray therapy is a great therapeutic modality for almost anyone, Beth works with specific clients according to her experience and expertise.  They include:


For adults in general,  we will use the sand tray as a safe and creative means of communicating anything  that you may have difficulty saying out loud or trying to express otherwise.

Children over 10 years old

Beth also works with children who need help understanding their thoughts and feelings related to life challenges.  It is very beneficial for children to understand their thoughts and feelings when they are young so that they will be more prepared as adults to manage strong emotions and exhibit behaviors that help them achieve their goals rather than hinder their progress and happiness. 

(Though some therapists will work with infants and very young toddlers, Sand Tray therapy at our office is geared towards children over age 10.  It is helpful that the child have a generally good grasp of language and social cues to benefit from this type of  therapy, but it is not always required and may be an option in another practice).

What about Parents when Children are seen?

Parents are a valued part of the therapeutic process.  At the first meeting, parents will be brought into the office and an initial evaluation, including the purpose and goals for counseling, will be discussed with both parent and child present.  If possible, parents are encouraged to wait in the waiting area during any follow-up sessions.  It is important that a strong relationship between therapist and child be made so that the child may receive the most benefit from therapy.    Follow-up sessions will include 10-15 minutes of time with the parent or guardian to check in on any concerns, questions, and to monitor progress seen at home.  There may be times it may be helpful to have parents and/or other family members present at the counseling session to help improve the parent/child relationship as a whole, and we can discuss this on an individual basis. Overall, we don't provide family counseling on a regular or ongoing basis.

 A Note about insurance:

Regular counseling rates apply. Beth is an in-network provider for Aetna and is out-of-network for other insurances. If you are unsure of your out-of-network benefits, please call the Customer Service number on the back of your insurance card and a member of the company will be glad to answer any questions you may about your benefits including how to submit a claim. We will provide you with an itemized receipt to allow you to get reimbursed for services rendered.

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