Online Counseling


When you prefer to have the convenience of not traveling to the office, or you live too far away to reach us, we are pleased to offer Online Counseling.

Online counseling is for residents of NJ only as our licenses don't allow us to cross state lines. If you live in NJ and would like to work with us, we do offer Online Counseling through a secure, HIPAA- complaint website where any personal information is destroyed at the end of each session.


You don't need an account to sign-in or utilize this service. You simply visit our personalized link and meet us there. You'll simply "check-in" by clicking the "check-in" button to let us know you're there. No download required. It's that simple!

How it Works:

  1. Simply, contact us to let us know you are interested in starting Online Counseling.
  2. We'll reach out to you for a free 20-minute consultation by phone to make sure we feel we're a good fit, and to schedule your first session.
  3. You'll be emailed the consent and intake forms we need to begin your sessions with us which you can email (or mail) back to us at least 24 hours prior to your first session.
  4. Any co-pays or fees can be paid here on our site 24 hours before each scheduled session.
  5. Join the link we'll send to you along with your initial forms each session and we'll see you there!

(* TERMS OF SERVICE:  By signing up for this service, you are agreeing you're at least 18 years or older and are a resident of the State of NJ.)