Messages from Spirit (Medium Services)

You have made me so happy and truly have a blessed gift. - DM

Messages of love, validation, and hope to let you know that the end of of life as we perceive it is nothing but an illusion. As a Medium, Beth has delivered messages from loved ones who have crossed over to many people who have needed to hear them. The spirit world, our loved ones, want us to know that we are always loved and supported - and that love has no boundary and no end.

Beth offers a limited number of readings each month as a trained Medium and has been trained and certified by James Van Praagh.

These spirits come through with messages of validation of who they are bringing loving messages they feel you need to hear.

There is also time for you to ask questions that you may want to receive guidance or clarification about before we end.

This is fascinating. What a gift!!!! I can’t thank you enough!! - ED

Important to note about these very special sessions is that Spirit, and Spirit alone, decides who comes through and what message(s) need to be delivered. A Medium is not in control of the exchange, the Spirit is in charge here. It’s important to trust that what is received, even if it isn’t exactly “who”or “what” we believe we need, is really what is for the highest good. To have the best possible reading, it is helpful for you to think about the person you most want to connect with in the time leading up to the reading while staying open to receiving and trusting you, or even sometimes someone close to you, will receive the message that is in the best interest.

Being open, receptive, and free of any alcohol or recreational drug use both before, and during, a reading is all that is required of you.

Please note, note-taking is fine, but we do not allow any audio or video recording during the session as it can be interrupt the flow of energy should a recording device malfunction.

Sessions are offered both in the office and by phone.

For a list of our current rates and more information, please click here.

Legal Disclaimer: For legal reasons, we must advise you that any reading is considered for entertainment purposes only. All readings, intuitive information shared with you, questions and answers should not be regarded as a substitute for professional services and are not being provided under the professional and clinical license of Beth Kane. You are advised to seek the advice and direction from an appropriately licensed and qualified professional expert for any legal, financial, medical, psychological, and/or business matter. Beth Kane is using her intuitive abilities only to gain potential insight and awareness. What you decide to do with any information provided, including any action or non-action you take, is solely your own responsibility and choice. The information and/or message is only an opinion as a result of this intuitive information. Beth Kane, her assignees and heirs, including but not limited to Marin Integrative Therapy,LLC, shall not be liable regarding any action or non-action taken by the client in reference to any information presented during the session. By utilizing this service, you are agreeing you understand and agree to this disclaimer.