Intuitive Guidance Sessions with Beth


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

- Albert Einstein

Life can present us with issues, situations or questions we just need some guidance about, or you may feel unsure, frustrated or blocked in moving forward. You don’t need counseling per se, it isn’t that kind of problem - but you may feel like you aren’t seeing the whole picture or need more information.

Beth has been highly-intuitive her entire life. She has spent years learning from the best teachers and has practiced and refined her gifts.

Some people refer to this as being “psychic”- but Beth prefers “Intuitive” because really it is all about accessing intuition and using that to access messages and meanings beyond our limited 5 senses.

She offers her Intuitive Guidance Sessions to help you:

  • Dive deeper

  • Find a more meaningful level of understanding

  • Gain clarity

She receives messages by images, feelings, a deep knowing and sometimes, hearing. She’s also an experienced Medium who links to Spirit from a place of pure love & light. Messages and information comes through by Divine guidance, spirits of passed over loved ones, guides and the Holy Spirit. She only works for the highest and greatest good of her clients.

While Intuitive Guidance sessions are not counseling, Beth can infuse tools from her counseling background to help you learn how to best apply any lessons/practices that may be helpful in your healing.  By blending both together when appropriate, it deepens your insight, understanding & self-healing.

(These sessions aren’t about “fortune-telling” or seeing your future. The problem with seeing into the future is, in reality, it’s just not possible. Energy changes and transforms in every given moment, it interacts with other energy, (for example, fear can guide decisions) and every moment is pivotal depending on the interaction everyone on this planet has with one another. Plus, it’s deeply dis-empowering to think you aren’t in control of your future when you absolutely are!)

The guidance received in these sessions are meant to help you consider other possibilities, perspectives and are meant to help you with your own self-healing.

In reality, ALL healing is self-healing.  Simply put, if you don’t want to change or grow, you won’t.  You always have Free Will.

How does a session usually work?

You’ll come in with an issue(s) or question(s) you’d like more insight about. Beth uses her intuitive abilities through connecting with Divine Spirit to help you gain clarity, solutions, and ways you can work with energy so you can:

  •  Move forward

  • Heal

  •  Grow.

Session Info & Fees

Sessions are 30 or 60-minjutes in length and can be done in the office, via phone or email.

30-minute sessions are $85 whether by phone, email or in the office.

In-office 60-minute sessions are $150.

Phone sessions for 60-minutes are $100.

3-session (60-minutes only) discount packages are available for $400 in the office  or $250 by phone.  All sessions must be used within 6 months of date of purchase. ($50 savings)

Email sessions vary by the number of questions and email responses. (Each email response/exchange is equal to the number of emails you’ll receive from Beth. )

1 question with 1 follow-up email: $85

2-3 questions with 2 follow-up email exchanges: $150

4-5 questions with 5 follow-up email exchanges: $350

Legal Disclaimer: For legal reasons, we must advise you that these sessions are legally considered for entertainment purposes only. All intuitive information shared with you, questions and answers, should not be regarded as a substitute for professional services and are not being provided under the professional and clinical license of Beth Kane. This is not counseling or psychotherapy. You are advised to seek the advice and direction from an appropriately licensed and qualified professional expert for any legal, financial, medical, psychological, and/or business matter. Beth Kane is using her intuitive abilities only to gain potential insight and awareness. What you decide to do with any information provided, including any action or non-action you take, is solely your own responsibility and choice. The information and/or message is only an opinion as a result of this intuitive information. Beth Kane, her assignees and heirs, including but not limited to Marin Integrative Therapy,LLC, shall not be liable regarding any action or non-action taken by the client in reference to any information presented during the session. By utilizing this service, you are agreeing you understand and agree to this disclaimer.