Self-Healing through Art

You may have tried more traditional approaches to self-healing but maybe you're

 tired of trying the same approach?

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Self-Healing through Art could be the answer to these and other common blocks.  Self-Healing through Art is designed to help support self-discovery, assist with feelings of emotional well-being and help be more present-focused in your life.

(This is not part of our counseling services and is not meant to replace or be a substitute for professional counseling.)

Don't know how to do art? No problem!

That's the beauty of this program. You don't need to! This program is designed to help you learn to tell the difference between your intuitive intelligence and your analytical/judging mind. It helps you to escape the "what-ifs".  It helps you to release your attachment to judgment, practice mindfulness by being fully-present and reducing unnecessary planning and future-oriented worrying.

SELF-Healing through Art MAY help you: 

enter into intimate communication with the inner world of your desires and your mind.

find more joy, peace and clarity,

to enjoy and deeply understand yourself in a safe and nurturing way. 

Our Self- Healing through Art program is not designed for the person who necessarily knows how to make art - although it's perfectly OK if you do - it is designed as a creative, uplifting and easy way of expression, practicing mindfulness and helping you find your way towards the change you want and need.

To read an excellent article about how art can help, even if you know nothing about how to make it, this article may be helpful to you: (Click the title below to be taken to the article)

"7 science-backed reasons you should make art, even if you're bad at it"

Offered exclusively by Beth Kane at Marin, not only a licensed clinical social worker, but also professional artist who has work sold nationally and internationally, she will act as your guide through this process. (Please note: This service is not offered, or rendered by, Beth Kane as an LCSW but as a learning experience to help guide you by using art as a means to further develop your own self-healing abilities. Counseling is not offered as part of these sessions.)

Self-Healing through Art: (Not billed through insurance.)

One hour session includes 10-minute clean-up time:  $125 with all supplies included





To view Beth's art, please click here to be taken to the Etsy shop.