Integrative Mental Wellness Coaching with Beth

Improve your mood – naturally.

Working at the intersection where the mind connects with the body.

Integrative Mental Wellness Coaching uses a mind – body approach to help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression and improve sleep, through:

  • Assessments and interventions to address root causes

  •  Simple dietary changes through the use of substitutions

  •  Regulating your psycho-biological rhythms

  • Decreasing chronic inflammation that has been linked to depression and other mood issues

  •  Integrating strategies and methods that help enhance your self-care

  •  Looking at possible food allergies and sensitivities that may be impacting your mood

  •  Developing an individualized treatment plan that is EASY to follow

Our work together is a whole body approach beginning with a “whole self” assessment

and will include some, if not all, of the following:


The initial assessment

Balancing bio-rhythms

Food – Mood assessment and balance

Culinary and Nutritional strategies

Herbs and Botanicals


Detoxification and Hydrotherapies

Exercise and simple bodywork such as yoga

Energy healing

Adherence strategies to help support you


We work together to find the perfect strategies for you in comfortable steps to enhance your success.

How we work together:

Contact me with your goals and concerns. I will send you an application form you can complete and return to me. I’ll decide if I think we may be a good fit and schedule the Initial Consult. (Please also see the disclaimer below to make sure you understand the limits to our work together.) Our work together will be done either by phone or secure video sessions.

Upon our agreement to work together, I will send you an email with an invoice for our Initial Consult. Once paid, I will send you a 3-day diary, assessment, and consent form which I will ask that you keep a record of and send back to me via email at least 5 days prior to our first appointment to allow me time to review your information so we can use our time together most productively.  The invoice will come through Square for ease of payment. The  paperwork will come from (so please add us as a contact to avoid your paperwork getting lost in a spam folder or filter).

During our appointment, we will discuss any areas of concern, answer any questions, and develop a specific plan tailored for you with steps you can take next in your healing. These next steps will include things such as: nutrient/dietary recommendations, herbal strategies, integrating bodywork and/or energy healing strategies, specific simple exercises, etc.

As a follow-up to our initial call, within 2 weeks, I will email you a written plan or have one prepared we can discuss at our next session should you wish to have follow-up support.

The fee for the initial 90-minute consult is $285.

Follow-up visits for 60-minutes are usually scheduled every 2 weeks, or as needed to help you overcome any obstacles, for  $150.


I also offer optional discount packages if you know you want the additional support.

Initial + 1 Follow- up session:

One Initial Session + One Follow-up session: $410

Premium 3-month Program:

The Initial session + 5 Follow-Up sessions for only $999.


This is not traditional counseling, and I do not do this work with individuals who are suicidal or psychotic. This service is not part of my practice as a licensed clinical social worker.  I am acting solely as a coach/consultant and, I do not provide primary psychotherapeutic care in this capacity, nor am I a licensed physician or dietician. The information you will be provided is for informational and education purposes only. I advise you to consult with your primary care physician or another licensed healthcare provider before making any changes if you have medical concerns or issues.  I do not do any testing, provide any cure, treat, or diagnose any medical or psychological condition as a coach. Any recommendation for herbal, supplemental, dietary or nutritional strategies should be discussed with your licensed physician to ensure there are no contra-indications for you to use these recommendations.