Inside Out: A Holistic Path to Peace™

Coaching Program with Beth


Improve your mood – naturally.

Imagine feeling refreshed, recharged & relaxed?

Do you want to use a natural approach for a better sense of wellness & peace?

Inside Out: A Holistic Path to Peace, a coaching service offered by Beth, can help you achieve all of this through a total mind, body, & spirit approach through:

  • Assessments and interventions to address root causes

  •  Simple dietary changes through the use of substitutions

  •  Regulating your psycho-biological rhythms

  • Decreasing chronic inflammation that has been linked to depression and other mood issues

  •  Integrating strategies and methods that help enhance your self-care

  •  Developing an individualized treatment plan that is EASY to follow

My life has changed so much for the better and I have become a stronger and more complete person. The skills I have learned have made a huge difference in my relationship with myself and others.
— Elizabeth B.

To give each of my client’s the individual care they deserve, I only book a certain amount of slots each month. Availability for June 2019: 3 slots remaining…

The entire program is designed to bring in the change you want & support you. An example of a plan may look like this, but is individualized just for you depending on your needs & interests:


The initial assessment

Sleep & self-care strategies

Food – Mood - Herbal plan & support

Bodywork such as simple yoga & exercise

Mindfulness & Communication strategies

Emotional Regulation to avoid mood swings

Mindset skills & techniques

Energy Healing & Intuitive Work

Instruction on self-healing techniques

Utilizing Essential Oils & Natural Substances to balance your energy

A final evaluation & written plan


We work together to find the perfect strategies for you in comfortable, manageable steps to enhance your success.

I have learned more and grew more as a person with Beth Kane than ever before.
— E.M.

There will never be words to express how much you have helped me.

— Mandy D.

This is an 11-week total transformation program to get you the results you want fast.

Reach out to me now for more information. Isn’t it time to feel better?


This is not traditional counseling, and I do not do this work with individuals who are suicidal or psychotic. This service is not part of my practice as a licensed clinical social worker.  I am acting solely as a coach/consultant and, I do not provide primary psychotherapeutic care in this capacity, nor am I a licensed physician or dietician. The information you will be provided is for informational and education purposes only. I advise you to consult with your primary care physician or another licensed healthcare provider before making any changes if you have medical concerns or issues.  I do not do any testing, provide any cure, treat, or diagnose any medical or psychological condition as a coach. Any recommendation for herbal, supplemental, dietary or nutritional strategies should be discussed with your licensed physician to ensure there are no contra-indications for you to use these recommendations.