Holistic Card Readings


Working with oracle cards in a holistic way means we are using the cards to connect to your energy as well as Universal energy so we can gain a better understanding of the energy around a current situation (or situations) more clearly. This may be a personal issue, such as a health issue or relationship issue, as examples, or something more general, as we try to better our awareness and/or understanding. There is no magic or mystery other than it being what it is - this is in no way “fortune-telling”and it’s sole purpose is to assist in healing and personal growth and understanding. The cards are used as a tool when working with energy in terms of heightening awareness, gaining insight and increasing understanding. So, think of the cards as a guide, not an absolute answer as you always keep the power that is your’s.

You can also think of it as an “empowerment session” when having this type of reading. In this regard, you are also part of interpreting the cards. In this way, when we use the cards holistically, we’re also helping you develop your own plan of healing while I provide you with my own intuitive guidance based on the energy of the cards. This is a cornerstone principle I have been taught and firmly believe in.

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Email readings are also available:

You can choose a 3-card spread, either “Past, Present, Future” or “Mind, Body Soul” for $65. Three cards will be pulled, interpreted and a PDF report including a photo of the cards drawn will be emailed to you within 24-48 business hours. Please contact Beth to make arrangements using the Contact button below.)

Legal Disclaimer: For legal reasons, we must advise you that any reading is considered for entertainment purposes only. All readings, intuitive information shared with you, questions and answers should not be regarded as a substitute for professional services and are not being provided under the professional and clinical license of Beth Kane. You are advised to seek the advice and direction from an appropriately licensed and qualified professional expert for any legal, financial, medical, psychological, and/or business matter. Beth Kane is using her intuitive abilities only to gain potential insight and awareness. What you decide to do with any information provided, including any action or non-action you take, is solely your own responsibility and choice. The information and/or message is only an opinion as a result of this intuitive information. Beth Kane, her assignees and heirs, including but not limited to Marin Integrative Therapy,LLC, shall not be liable regarding any action or non-action taken by the client in reference to any information presented during the session. By utilizing this service, you are agreeing you understand and agree to this disclaimer.