Employee Wellness

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Is your company or organization suffering? Are you at the top of your performance? What if you could have increased productivity while also having better employee retention and cooperation?

Statistics suggest the loss of over 13 million working days related to stress alone. And, it isn't just stress at home, stress in the workplace is very problematic.




Is your business showing signs of stress?

  • arguments and disputes between staff
  • general absenteeism
  • an increase in grievances and complaints
  • greater staff turnover
  • lower productivity


Even though we are technologically more connected than ever before, many of us are disconnected from ourselves, from our sense of calm and contentment, and feel fragmented, rather than whole. In such a highly pressurized environment we often resort to choices based on the need to survive rather than thrive.

Some organizations respond to this challenge by offering their staff  temporary tools to deal with the pressure – for example by teaching people how to manage their time better, streamline communication or offload their stress through a game of paintball. Most often times, these tools fail to work. They fail to address a core underlying issue.

Progressive businesses, however, turn their attention to the sustainable changes, by addressing things such as how employees experience stressful situations. Our skills-based training offers a way of teaching actual, easy-to-learn and implement tools so that your employees can be more skillful in dealing with workplace challenges. Your staff can learn to respond skillfully when their ‘buttons are pressed’. They can discover how  in the midst of a stressful moment we can center ourselves and tap into an inner stability and resilience.

Benefits in the Workplace

Employees that are more skilled at working with their thoughts and feelings due to stress will be ultimately more content, more focused and as a result, more productive.

Using these skills can help  create mindful teams and successful businesses.

  • a reduction in employees’ levels of stress along with an increase in emotional intelligence
  • increased productivity with lower rates of health-related absenteeism
  • higher levels of personal resilience and lower levels of psychological distress, including depression and anxiety
  • enhanced communication skills
  • a greater capacity to hold and work with information along with
  • improved creativity and innovation
  • higher levels of well-being and overall work and life satisfaction
  • improved sleeping patterns

How Our Program Works:

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Our program is usually provided in a half-day (4-hour format) but can be individually- tailored. Just reach out to us so we can discuss the perfect program just right for you. 

A typical program will consist of a 90-minutes of skill-building exercises focused on stress management and communication followed by a 30-minute progressive relaxation segment that can be recorded and used at home, along with 100-minute time allowance for chair massages (10 minutes per participant- if over 10 participants, we can adjust the program accordingly) during which time our team will also be able to  meet with people individually to answer questions, provide reinforcement of learning, or discuss any other concerns. A 20-minute break will be scheduled after the skill-building and before the relaxation.