What is E-Counseling?

Provided by Kevin Kane, e-counseling is a service provided to residents of the State of NJ should you find it more comfortable, convenient or agreeable not to have to travel to our office. Always striving to meet your needs, we offer an alternative to the traditional therapy setting.

While not every issue is appropriate for e-counseling, we are always willing to explore that option with you. E-counseling can be especially helpful if you are frequently on the road, have a disability that makes leaving home difficult, live too far to come into the office regularly, are a caregiver that needs to be home, or you just express yourself better in writing. Some people find e-counseling more helpful because they find being "face-to-face" too uncomfortable. There are many and various reasons why you may choose e-counseling, and we are happy to explore this with you as a viable option for treatment. If we feel e-counseling is not the appropriate treatment option, we will also discuss this with you and recommend other options. E-counseling, for instance, is not appropriate if you are in crisis.

E-counseling also costs much less for most people than traditional therapy. At a rate of $31.25/week, it is much less than most people's copays. We do not bill insurance for this service.

We want to work with you to help you decide what may work best for you. All counseling is provided by a licensed clinical social worker.

Please note: By virtue of our licensing board, we cannot serve individuals who reside outside the State of New Jersey. You will be asked to sign as part of your authorization that you reside in New Jersey.

Email Counseling

You and your therapist can exchange emails pertaining to an issue (or issues) you are having. Email counseling can be an attractive option for those who have irregular schedules, express themselves better through writing, or just prefer this mode of communication. Generally, email counseling should focus only on one issue. If many issues are present, we will try and bring them into a single focus. . Requests to begin e-counseling turnaround times are generally within 48 hours during the business week. Once established, you may have weekly contact with your therapist. (See Below)

We strongly recommend you use a secure email service such as SAFEmail.net. We will be happy to walk you through this process.

Getting Started

It is very easy to arrange for our e-counseling services. Simply follow the steps below, and we will work out a plan of care for you.

1) Contact Us and let us know you are interested in e-counseling and along with a brief summary of why you   are seeking e-counseling.

2) In return, we will email you the forms needed to begin e-counseling.

3) We will need to do a telephone assessment (usually an hour long) to develop a better understanding of your personal history and develop a plan of care that we are both comfortable with for you. This will require a pre-payment of $85 for the hour.

4) If you are a candidate for e-counseling, you will simply visit our Resources page and make your payment.

5) Your e-counseling sessions are scheduled and started!