Grateful for Me:

My Daily Journal of Self-Love



I invite you to take the time to get to know just how amazing and magnificent you are!

self-love journal
This has been so helpful. It leaves me on a positive note as I end my day and has been really helpful. It’s so nice to go to bed feeling good...
— J.U.

We can spend so much time recognizing what we love about other people, but how much time do we actually spend paying attention to when we get things right, and what we love about ourselves?

I developed this journal to help you transform that inner voice to give acknowledgement to all the things you get right, do right, and love about who you are.

This journal is created with soft hues reflecting loving energy and with 100 spiral-bound pages, every outward facing page has the watermark of a delicate heart to remind you that you too are worthy of love.

You can write in as you wish, but it is my hope that you take a few minutes each day to write a little something about what you did that day that was loving, right, or makes you special. We all can find something each day that we got right!

I invite you to look inside (pictures follow below) and then head over to the shop link so you can begin writing your own loving thoughts of self-gratitude and love too!

With tons of love and light,


Please note: The price of the journal is $17.99. Shipping is $5.00 is is added at checkout.

Journals will ship within 3-5 business days.