The Peaceful Path: Simple Strategies for Stress, Worry and Fear

“I loved and appreciated these cards...They will always be great to refer to as moments come up in my life. Picking a card was easy for me, I just found the card that I was resonating with at that time and followed the instructions on the back. They helped me with grounding and centering when I was feeling overwhelmed or out of control. They challenged my thoughts to bring me peace and help change my negative thoughts into positive ones

I loved that there were many different techniques I could choose from... Something will definitely speak to you and help you at that time and of course, in the future.

I literally could feel the positive energy of the cards bringing me strength and healing.These cards are a great way for me to learn the lessons necessary for me to grow without judgement and with self-love and acceptance. Thank You for your help.” - Elizabeth B

What Are These?

While this won't replace therapy or traditional care, which you know being a therapist I'm a big advocate of, I have designed a card deck, soft, serene, simple, clear-cut with tips, supportive skills, activities and even a few bonus affirmations you can use as you need to help guide you as you learn and develop new coping strategies to help support you in times of stress, worry, fear, or perhaps, anytime you need a different way of looking at something.  Each card is a different little support tool that's easy to use and understand especially with a racing, overactive mind.

Presented in a card deck format, it allows you to tuck a card in your purse or pocket and carry it with you throughout the day to use as a reminder as needed



The front of each card has a keyword to help you remember the strategy or help give you a perspective shift. The backs are a white background, black ink with clear typography for ease of use and minimal distraction.

"The Peaceful Path: Simple Strategies for Stress, Worry and Fear" will include 42 skills cards along with 7 daily Affirmation cards you can take with you each day. You can pull a card randomly or decide which one you think may help you the most!

Cards are packaged in a plain white tuck box so you can carry them with discretion.

These cards are designed to be easy –to-use and understand -  clear strategies to help move you out of fear and into peace and confidence.

Creating this deck was my way to help support more people in their own self-healing journey.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at all.



 $39.99 (price includes $5.99 shipping)... or you can pick-up locally and save on shipping

(Cards will ship within 9-10 business days. If you need it delivered sooner, please contact me. _ Beth)

You can read more about these cards on my blog post by clicking here.


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