Walk & Talk Therapy: The new way to approach counseling


Have you heard about Walk & Talk Therapy? It’s relatively new to counseling and many people across the country are putting on their shoes & literally getting off the couch!

Research has shown, study after study, as I’m sure you’ve heard a million times by now, that exercise can help mood as well as our physical health. But, getting out of the office also seems to help people relax, be more comfortable in talking, and the conversation with your counselor can seem to flow more freely and easily.

For many people, they’ve been stuck inside all day at work, or at home caring for children or elderly relatives. Walk & Talk Therapy combines the therapeutic benefits of exercise with the therapeutic modalities of counseling. Of course, privacy can be an issue and it’s something we discuss before beginning this type of work. Together we’ll find a way to safeguard your privacy as much as possible. I talk more about this on our Walk & Talk Therapy page.

In inclement weather, meeting at a local coffee shop or even inside the mall can help bridge the gap between being in the office or out.

You can read more about it through this article here.

Are you ready to try another way to approach counseling now?

I hope you’ll join me….let’s get moving! Reach out to me to learn more.

All my best, Beth