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When life is overwhelming, don’t let your thoughts lead you spiraling.

Mindfulness is just one technique we teach our counseling clients.

And sometimes, it comes down to not looking ahead any further than your current breath.

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Managing the Stress in Your Life

Many people seek counseling due to stress, and we could write a book on this subject  (and many people have). But we want to offer you some simple steps you can take to manage stress in your life.

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Are You Being “Selfish"?

  Inside the dark envelope that surrounds you, it’s warm, peaceful, and almost blissful. You are sleeping soundly, the slow rhythm of the night has found its way into your very breath, relaxing and soothing you after the day before that left you sapped, drained, done. It’s the only time your body and mind have to turn off even for just a few hours. Well, somewhat anyway. You could relish this for at least a few more hours, totally unaware and uncaring in this moment of what calls to you from the rest of this new day. That list of things that always seems to be waiting, and sometimes wailing, for attention. In this brief escape, you are relaxed and unburdened by the weight of this brand new day.

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Using The Peaceful Path Deck

"The Peaceful Path: Simple Strategies for Stress, Worry and Fear" contains 42 real-life, easy-to-learn and use coping skills and strategies along with 7 daily affirmation cards with a short instruction on the back of each card. This allows you to tuck a card in your purse or pocket and carry it with you throughout the day to use as a reminder as needed. You can pull a card randomly, reach day, or choose a specific card you want to learn more and practice. In a moment of fear or stress, you can also choose a card that's whatever you feel you need in that moment. It really is quite versatile and can be a tool you use as you need and want! There aren't any hard and fast rules. Life is chock full of those enough!

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