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Motivation Within

Have you been wanting to try counseling but just couldn't find the motivation? Or, have you tried counseling and expected everything to get magically better in a session? Have you looked everywhere for a "fix" but couldn't find one? Sometimes, the answer lies within yourself. Sometimes, not always, we have to look deep within and make the change. Feelings don't necessarily launch actions. But actions can almost always impact feelings. Sometimes, we get this backwards.

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Judge For Yourself

In counseling, sometimes we practice the non-judgmental stance. It is an eye-opening experience for most people! Counseling can provide the means to see things more clearly that we tend to do routinely and without much thought.

Do you practice the constant state of judging yourself? And, has anyone ever said to you, "Oh, you shouldn't feel that way!" Or maybe, "That's a terrible thought!"? I'm not talking about anything catastrophic here, I'm talking about everyday kinds of thoughts and feelings.

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Setting Your Intentions

Do you have an intention box? If not, and intention box is a very easyto use to help in working towards your goals and desires. It helps keep us focused and also aids in helping us stay positive, grateful and directed during the process of reaching for our dreams.

I fill mine not only with my intention slips and infuse it with Reiki (you don't have to be a Reiki practitioner to use this tool) but I also fill it with crystals, seashells, dried flowers, and anything else I feel guided to use. It's like a box of dreams written as though they've already come true!

I want to share with you step-by-step directions on how you can make your very own intention box with or without Reiki! So, are you ready to create more of what you want in YOUR LIFE? Here we go:

  1. Find a special wooden box, crystal or ceramic bowl with a lid, or you can even use a shoe box. Just let your heart guide you to what feels right.
  2. If you practice Reiki, you can write the Reiki symbols on slips of paper and place them in the bottom of the box. If you don't practice Reiki, you can skip this part. It's OK! Your intention is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this whole process. Some people like to use photos or cut out pictures from magazines or even ones they found online that reflect what feels loving and positive to them.
  3. On separate pieces of paper, write each intention on their own slip of paper. The key is to write the intention AS IF IT ALREADY HAPPENED. So, for example, instead of, "I would like to be able to pay my bills more easily" - write: "My bills are paid and financial abundance comes to me easily".
  4. If you practice Reiki, you can also put the symbols on the paper. But, it is not necessary.
  5. Include on your slips a statement of GRATITUDE.
  6. Use your intuition to guide you on what feels right. There is no right or wrong or rules. This is your VERY SPECIAL INTENTIONBOX!

Now sit with your beautiful box (some people also like to decorate the outside of the box...again, use your own intuition and what feels good to you), and hold your box between your hands. Send your box either Reiki or send it your strong intention that whatever is in the box will come along with much gratitude from your heart.

Keep your intentions positive, loving, upbeat! You can visit with your box everyday or a few times a week and sit with your box for 5-10 minutes re-sending your intention and gratitude.

That's it! Simple!

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Healing Your Inner Child

There is a lot of talk lately about healing your inner child. It's usually followed by the question, "HOW do you heal your inner child?" This is a subject that a lot of people ask about in counseling. Some wanting to use their counseling experience to venture back in time and others, not so much.

Aside from counseling, there are ways you can help yourself heal your inner child.

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