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Walk & Talk Therapy: The new way to approach counseling

Have you heard about Walk & Talk Therapy? It’s relatively new to counseling and many people across the country are putting on their shoes & literally getting off the couch!

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Managing the Stress in Your Life

Many people seek counseling due to stress, and we could write a book on this subject  (and many people have). But we want to offer you some simple steps you can take to manage stress in your life.

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Are You Being “Selfish"?

  Inside the dark envelope that surrounds you, it’s warm, peaceful, and almost blissful. You are sleeping soundly, the slow rhythm of the night has found its way into your very breath, relaxing and soothing you after the day before that left you sapped, drained, done. It’s the only time your body and mind have to turn off even for just a few hours. Well, somewhat anyway. You could relish this for at least a few more hours, totally unaware and uncaring in this moment of what calls to you from the rest of this new day. That list of things that always seems to be waiting, and sometimes wailing, for attention. In this brief escape, you are relaxed and unburdened by the weight of this brand new day.

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Choosing How You Feel

Have you ever thought about all the times we make choices in any given day?

I’ve spoken about judgments before, and how to open our awareness to it so we can move into a place of less stress and anxiety, but what about actually choosing how we feel?  We see it all the time. Choose happiness!! Choose love!! But sooo many times, the response (and understandably so) is WELL, THAT'S GREAT BUT HOW???? ....

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Let's Look at Common Causes of Stress

Stress has become a factor in our culture in the last 20 years partly because of the very things that were originally designed to make life less stressful. Conveniences such as ATM machines, microwave ovens, computers, cell phones, and fax machines have made life easier in many ways, but they also have woven an expectation of instant gratification into our culture. This can cause a constant flow of stress for some.

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