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Managing Difficult Life Transitions

Life is a process of beginnings and endings. In both life and nature, there are times when things move slowly and don’t seem to change very much. Then, suddenly, things change quickly. Moving from August to September, the weather changes gradually at first, and then it seems that suddenly summer is over. It is the same in our lives; transitions are as natural as the changing seasons.

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Christianity and Reiki

Dear God, are You mad at me? No, not mad because horrible things are happening. Right now, I feel totally blessed with everything in my life. But, as life moves up and down, yes, I have asked this question more than once. :)  (I'm human.)

As I tell my story, let me start off by saying that Reiki is NOT a religious practice. It is not based on any religion at all. And yet, I couldn't help but wonder  how does it all fit in with my own beliefs?

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Using an Intention Box with Reiki or Without

Do you have an intention box?

If not, an intention box is a very easyto use to help in working towards your goals and desires. It helps keep us focused and also aids in helping us stay positive, grateful and directed during the process of reaching for our dreams.

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