Can Energy Healing Ever Make You NOT Feel Good?

I was recently having coffee with my friend who asked me if I thought energy healing, or Reiki, could be the reason she was feel so UNbalanced…she had been seeing someone else for weekly sessions, and she was feeling worse instead of better.


My answer was: yes - and- no.

I can only speak from my own understanding and experience, of course. And I do believe, 1000% that energy healing can never do any harm. When working with a client, we always work for the Highest good. And as Energy Healers we work with God’s (Source) energy, and who is smarter and more loving than God?

So, you may be scratching your head wondering why on Earth I would say; “Yes”. I’d like to try and explain it the best I can.


First, I need to tell you a story. Years ago, I started working with crystals. I knew nothing about working with crystals other than what I heard, and I definitely knew they’re soooo pretty! So I set out to buy some, and I picked this beautiful assortment of all sorts of types and colors. Happy, I cleared them, charged them and put them in a box on a shelf in our living room. I couldn’t wait to work with them!

Around 2am, I woke from a sound sleep and felt THE worst feeling of anxiety and dread all around me.

Was I dreaming? Not that I could remember. Was my blood sugar off (I’m diabetic)? Nope. I can only describe it as a pull….to that box of crystals, A strong urge, along with nausea, to go get that box. The closer I got, the worse I felt. I didn’t know what was happening but somewhere deep inside I knew I had to get that box out of our house!

So there I was, in my PJs, tramping across our backyard, opening the shed and putting the box inside there! I went back in the house and fell to sleep right away. (I did end up burying a few, but that’s another story.)

If you aren’t familiar with crystals, the way they work energetically is through their vibrational frequencies. Some crystals are “gentler” than others. (If you want to learn more about crystals, please reach out to me. It’s a lot to discuss in this one post, but I’m happy to explain.)

So, getting to my point….

Energy Healing is done with the highest vibrational form of energy there is: Pure Love and Light. Intention is the energy we use that comprises a great deal of how that energy is directed. My friend was going for what she called “major energy clearings”. And just like some of those crystals, sometimes energy can be so powerful, and add on the intention of “major” clearing, it’s not that it’s doing any harm, but it can bring up A LOT of stuff we need to heal and release at one time. And that can be very uncomfortable unless we are ready and willing to do the work!

This is why intention and honoring where you are in your healing is so, so important.

For instance, if you were coming to me feeling stressed out and anxious, I would send energy intentionally for calm and peace while we were clearing out whatever it is that needed to be released. If you came in and told me that you had stomach problems, I would work very gently, yet powerfully, in that area.

This is why keeping that intuitive piece is so important as well as being clear with a client on the intention is vital in my opinion. It’s also why I tailor my recommendations for each person as to how often I think they should come in. It’s not enough in my experience just to go in someone’s energy field and start sending waves of powerful energy. We need to know what we’re working on and how that serves each client’s personal highest good.

Working intuitively to help my friend, I suggested to my friend she stop going for a bit and work on herself.


I suggested some meditative practices, instructed her on how to work with her own energy and guidance for a while, and then return to her practitioner down the road. I’m happy to report she’s feeling MUCH better and much more settled!

This is a big reason I work so intuitively with my clients and suggest things they can do too in between sessions. I’m all about healing, but I don’t believe we need to make ourselves miserable doing it all at one time! It’s all about taking a loving, patient stance and steps we can tolerate while working towards the end goal. We don’t need to break ourselves in reaching that goal. There is no one chasing you.

I hope this helps you on your own healing journey. If you have any questions, please know I’m happy to try and answer them….just reach out to me.

All my very best, in love and light,