A Space of Your Own

Do you have a special space?

Something that is just for you? You don't need an entire room, although it would be great if you did , even just a space within a room is great! And for some people, counseling can provide that special place as they are nurtured and supported within our walls.

So, why do you need a special space? Because we all need a space that helps center us, ground us, and supports us. A special space gives us a place to seek refuge and quiet from the stress and craziness that can invade our lives. Children, spouses, telephone calls, texts, mail, etc etc etc can all seek to take up space in our heads.

              A special space allows us a place to get away from it all.

A special space doesn't need to be extreme. It just needs to contain those things that bring us joy, comfort and stability. I have a mix of my seashells (because I love the beach), a plant I love, a picture of my son, etc. just to give you some ideas. These are all things that carry special meaning to me.

A special place may just be a chair in the corner of a room, maybe with a cozy throw and soft lamp. Or, it may be a small table with one or two items that have special significance to you. The space can be as complex or simple as you want and need.

The idea is to have someplace where you can spend a few minutes taking care of just you! A place to breathe, meditate, feel your breath and just reconnect to your true self.

Many of our clients find the time with us in counseling as being their own special time and place. Counseling can provide that refuge in a warm, truly supportive atmosphere.