I truly consider it a privilege to do the work I do, and I’m excited to watch my clients grow, find success, and heal. Together, we dive deep and make the changes you need to find your joy, spirit, and self again. I love hearing from my former clients as they go forward on their own path leaving the anxiety, fear and depression behind them. I celebrate each and every win with them along the way!

When you come in to work with me, I want you to feel as welcome and comfortable as you can. I know firsthand how hard coming in for that first session can be, and I don't believe counseling needs to feel clinical, cold and impersonal. After all, our focus is working as a team - you and I.

Because of my experience both personally & professionally, including training of course, I can share with you holistic tools you can use to assist you in healing.

In addition to traditional counseling methods I believe in a total mind, body, & soul approach. If you’re interested in learning, I address areas such as simple dietary changes you can make to energy healing to yoga to bringing in a bit of intuition because change is most effective when we look at the entire picture together.

My clients have described me as “warm, laid back and compassionate”, and I offer that to anyone who walks through my door.

Bio & Personal Story


I've lived at the Jersey shore my entire life and am married to Kevin. We have a wonderful son who loves to challenge me with complex math videos, just for fun, and someday I hope to be able to figure them out!  Our family also includes 3 rescued dogs and 1 cat (who makes sure the dogs know who the boss really is!). We've also been fortunate to have fostered several homeless animals who have enriched our lives with their love and patience.

Ever since I was a very little girl, I knew that my life would be dedicated to helping people. I had a strong sense this was my purpose on this planet. And although I don't practice Christian counseling or healing per se, I was born and raised as a Christian which has led me to further explore and develop my own personal spiritual path, along with my more traditional work, which then led me to further realize my intuitive strengths and energy healing practices. It’s been quite the journey! I say this with love and laughter!

I have listed my education, training  and certifications below for easier reference.


Although my initial training was as a therapist, I knew from both personal & professional experiences that there had to be more to it. Highly-intuitive since childhood, I found my way to Reiki, Energy Healing & other holistic practices.


I offer you the experience, knowledge, and wisdom I've obtained to help you step back into the feeling of confidence, safety and trust you once held within yourself. I know how scary that first step is - but I promise you, I'm not scary. I only work clients I feel are the best mutual fit. And if I don’t think I can serve you best, I’ll help you find someone who can. Because my first priority is always you.

All my very best always, Beth

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A word about insurance...

I’m in-network with Aetna insurance for traditional counseling only. For any other insurance, please check your out-of-network benefits, and I’ll be happy to provide you with a receipt for reimbursement. Due to my high level of experience, and continued education to provide the latest therapeutic approaches to my clients, along with my concern to protect your privacy (did you know that by utilizing insurance your insurance company has access to your records?). I feel this is the best way I can best invest in you. Because I don’t believe that someone who’s never met you should be deciding your care. I think that should be left to you and I.


Past Traditional Experience:

Director of an outpatient mental health program

Program Director of a physical rehabilitation unit

Regional Supervisor of a brain injury program

Social work in acute care, home health and hospice settings


Licensed Clinical Social Worker - NJ License # 44SC05294500

Certified - Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider

Certified - Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Certified - Reiki Master Teacher

Certified - Medium (James Van Praagh)

Certified - Crystal Healer

Certified - EFT Practitioner

Certified - Holistic Tarot Card Reader

Additional Specialized Training in:

Yoga-Informed Trauma Care

Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Meditation and Mental Health


Sand Tray Therapy

Intuitive Art Therapy