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Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy, is the loving, supportive energy that can be found in every living thing. Whether it be our pets, or those in the wild, animals are very in tune with the natural flow of life's energy. But like us, sometimes their energy can become imbalanced from their own life experiences, illness, and stress. Reiki is a beautiful way to help animals restore that balance and supports them in their own self-healing.

While Reiki doesn't replace traditional veterinary care, it can be a perfect compliment to it. I will provide your vet with progress reports, if you choose, and work with them to help bring your much-loved pet this complementary approach to healing.

How does an Animal Reiki session work?

Reiki can either be given in-person or sent distantly. Reiki, being energy, is not limited to the confines of physical space. It can travel anywhere. There are no physical boundaries it can't pass.

Animals are often sensitive to, and welcoming of,  this energy. Because they are often most comfortable within their own environment, most sessions are conducted distantly either via Skype, telephone or, if you don't have Skype or it's a matter of preference, I can also perform a healing session at a time that just perfect for you.

Once you connect with me, I'll send you an Intake form and Consent form. I always want to know if you have any areas of concern or issues you feel need to be addressed. As their guardians, I feel your involvement and feedback it vital. I can even work on your pet through you if that's better.

At our scheduled time, I will begin the healing session and after it has ended, I'll send you (if we aren't connected live through the phone or computer) a report on how the session went and any insight I may have received during the session. I'm available to discuss any follow-up questions as well, of course. It's always my only intention to work for the highest good for all involved.

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Session Fee: (Sessions are generally held for about an hour, but this can vary depending on the needs of the animal. Some animals will need a little longer, and some a little less. Sessions are tailored to the needs and desires of the animal at that time.)  $80



A little about me:

I have always felt an enormous connection to animals, both my own, and those out in the wild. Bring me to the woods or a farm, and surround me with the loving energy of nature and animals, and I feel deeply connected. In addition to my own three dogs and cat (who thinks sometimes he is a dog), I've also worked in rescue and have fostered animals in my home. I've been known to carry on conversations with my animals and use Reiki regularly. Intuitively, I'm sensitive to their energy and always gain permission before I work with them. I believe that every living creature has the right to their own self-determination and healing. They deserve the same respect we offer each other.

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